Dr. Moss is pleased to offer his patients this innovative method for straightening teeth.

The Clear Alternative in Orthodontics

Thanks to today's orthodontic innovations, you can have straight teeth in just 9 – 15 months. Using Invisalign™ clear aligners, we can correct the problems of gaps, overcrowding, overbite, underbite, and crossbite without the appearance of braces.

With 3-D computer technology, a complete treatment plan is outlined starting with the current alignment of your teeth and progressing to your new smile. From this plan, thermoplastic aligners that resemble teeth whitening trays are created.

You start with the first set and approximately every two weeks, you move on to the next set. They gently move your teeth to a new position with each set of aligners, until you reach your last set and obtain your desired smile.

Become A Patient
woman smiling while holding invisible braces aligners

You only need to make office visits for a check-up every one to two months. Your total treatment time depends on your needs and goals.

Invisalign invisible braces available at Moss Family Dentistry

The Discreet Choice for Confident Straightening

One of the reasons patients choose Invisalign is that they are nearly invisible. Unlike metal braces, they are not noticeable unless someone looks at your teeth extremely close up. This adds to your confidence for your professional and social life during active treatment.

Aligners are one piece each for the upper and lower teeth. There are no irritating wires to adjust, no bulky metal attached to your teeth, and no headgear. This means no mouth irritation, making Invisalign very comfortable from start to finish.

A very big plus is that you can eat whatever you want during your months of treatment. They are removable for brushing and flossing, so there are no restrictions on what you can eat and drink. You don't have to give up the foods you love for months! They are easily replaced after cleaning your teeth and comfortable enough to wear all day and while you sleep.

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