Children's Dentistry

Life-long beautiful smiles start with good dental care habits in childhood.

Your Children Will Enjoy Their Dentist Visits

Dr. Moss is friendly and makes your children feel at ease in his care. He administers treatments to them in a thoughtful and compassionate manner. At our practice, we use the latest advancements in children's dentistry that mean less time in the dental chair and an easier visit for the patient. Our team teaches good dental hygiene to help children keep their natural teeth for a lifetime. We enjoy all their visits starting at age three, and look forward to seeing them grow and change each year.




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We Help Children Feel Good About Caring for Their Teeth

We want every generation of children to grow up without any fear of visiting a dentist. We want them to feel good about our helping them keep their natural teeth healthy for a life-long beautiful smile. As parents have told us, we accomplish this goal at every visit. We can help your children enjoy their visits, no matter if they are afraid, very active, or disinterested.

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A Dentist is Part of Your Child's Health Care Needs

Children need to be guided during their daily dental care at home until they learn proper care of their teeth. Their teeth are very susceptible to cavities during their formative years for various reasons.


They usually do not brush well without supervision. If they do not clean their teeth properly each day, plaque will build up and start decay. Kids tend to eat throughout the day, which means increased exposure to acid during and after chewing food. As exposure to these acids continue, decay will set in. Even the smallest amount of decay is permanent damage to a tooth that will need a restoration.

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children's dentistry for kids in Maryville, TN

If teeth are not cleaned properly, the rate of cavity development will increase, as well as the number of cavities. With improved dietary choices, better brushing and flossing, and mineralizing teeth, the risk of cavities can be lessened.

We want your child to look forward to their dental visits!