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Protect your overall health by taking care of your dental health.

We Keep Your Teeth and Gums Clean!

Daily brushing and flossing prevent most build up of plaque on tooth surfaces, but there are hard-to-reach contours in teeth that often go missed. As plaque accumulates and hardens into tartar, you take the risk of decay and gum infection developing. Medical research has shown that gum disease has far-reaching effects on your overall health. It contributes to serious conditions such as stroke, diabetes, and heart disease. Take our recommendation seriously and come in for six-month cleanings by our professional hygienist to keep your overall good health!

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Moss Family Dentistry offers adult dental services
Moss Family Dentistry offers senior adult dental health care

Specific Care for Seniors

Just as we notice changes to our bodies as they age, you will notice changes to the condition and appearance of your teeth. They may no longer have the brilliant white luster of the past due to years of consuming caffeine, tobacco, and other substances that stain. Old fillings may loosen and need to be replaced due to decay that has set in. The flow of saliva may be reduced because of certain medications.

Gum disease is often a problem in seniors that needs urgent treatment. Continued good nutrition and daily cleaning are important in keeping your natural teeth. As a word of caution, at the first signs of bleeding gums or loose teeth, please contact us immediately.

Root Canals Save Teeth

Modern root canal therapy can save a tooth and keep it from being extracted, which can eventually cause other problems. Dr. Moss is experienced in the latest advancements for this procedure, making it easier for patients.

The pulp in the interior chamber of the tooth is removed and replaced with a special filling. Additionally, a crown may be necessary for strengthening the tooth. This treatment is successful in saving a tooth and returning it to full functionality.

adult dental services can protect your health
adult dental services can help relieve TMJ pain

TMJ/TMD - Relief from Headaches and Jaw Pain

If your bite is not in its proper position (malocclusion), this may be the reason for headaches, painful jaw joints, and shoulder and neck pain. The reasons for an improper bite may be the way the jaw and dental arches formed, worn-down teeth, accident or trauma to the mouth, or dental disease. If your teeth do not come together as nature intended, muscle tension increases and results in chronic pain.

We can restore your bite to its proper position to relieve the pain and discomfort you have grown accustomed to living with. Let us show you how you can live with new energy and a better quality to your life.

If it's time for your next cleaning OR you would like a no cost/no obligation consultation, call us!