Restore Missing Teeth

Missing teeth? We can help!

Dental Implants

Dental implants are natural-looking, fully functioning replacements for missing teeth. Whether you lack teeth in the front or back, these implants will recapture a full and beautiful smile. They look very natural as they come up through the gums, just like real teeth.

Those with no teeth will find relief from slippage and tilting. They can have permanent teeth that function better and will never need to be removed.

An oral surgeon implants the titanium post that the restoration sets on. Dr. Moss places the actual tooth structure to give you a beautiful smile once again!

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tooth implants are one option for replacing missing teeth

Overdentures - A Solution to Slipping Dentures

It is almost unanimous among denture wearers that the main problem with dentures is the slipping and tilting. To relieve these problems with over-the-counter remedies, messy adhesives are used to keep dentures in place. At Moss Family Dentistry, we have an alternative solution that is easier for patients – overdentures.

With just a few dental implants, your dentures will be secured to eliminate all the problems of movement when eating or speaking. They snap off for cleaning and easily snap back into place. Come in so we can see if you are a candidate for overdentures and to have you smile more often.

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Custom Designed Dentures

Dentures specifically created to fit you mean no more looseness, clicking, and irritation. A recent breakthrough allows us to anchor the denture plate to eliminate movement and keep your dentures as snug as they should be. We can make your life much easier, so please come in and talk to us about how we can help!

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